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Community information.
Tales of a Golden Smile (hanashi_no_egao) is a fanfic community raised to spread the love for Kai,
the Drummer of the famous J-rock band The GazettE.

This community will have more projects, where a group of writers who join the team for the running project, will all post fics to the current project.
The idea of making some sort of fanfic project came from kikai_no_yume,
who decided to make a community for it.

Project #1 - Summer
Project #2 - Kai's Birthday

Current project: #3-anniversary project (Music prompt)

The moderator.

The team.

How it works.
1. Once in a while, there will be a project created, writers can join the writing team and write Kai related fanfics for the current project.
2. All fics will be Kai centered. This is a community solely made to spread the Kai love after all.
The pairing doesn't matter, as long as Kai is in it.

3. At the beginning of each week, the theme will be announced.
Writers have one week time to write and post their fic to that theme.(this only if the project includes weekly themes)

4. Only writers on the team can post their fics.

5. For every writer on the team, please follow this posting format.
In your subject lines, include title, pairing, week number and theme.
In the body of your post, include the following header:

(theme, picture promt, song, it's different for each project.)
Pairing(s): (semexuke)
Chapter: (oneshot, 1/? )
Genre: (like : drama, angst, action, fluff, romance)
Rating: (NC-17, R, PG ect.)
Warnings: (please use this if your fic includes death, rape, graphic
violence, graphic drug use, bdsm/ kink/ explicit sex )
Summary: (What’s it about? Or anything to give readers a sneak peak of the fic)
Previous chapters: (use this incase your fic is multi chaptered, here you post the links to the previous chapters. Nothing is more anoying than finding a fic and having to search back for the past chapters.)

6. Please tag your entries. Rating, username, pairing, and most important the theme/Project name.
Members can only add existing tags, please check out the tags here.
If you wrote a pairing that is not in the tags yet, don't worry, the mod will add it to your entry.
(The pairing tags all start with Kai, when it comes to tags, the order of the pairing doesn't matter)

7. Use an LJ cut for your fics, but keep the header appart.

8. Please lock fanfictions that contain adult content.

How to join the team.
Since there's no project running at the moment, you can't join either. Once a new project is announced you can join by leaving a comment in said entry.

Some basic rules.
1. Be nice, no flaming, bashing. Not on pairings nor writers.
If you don’t like one's work or a pairing, ignore it.
2. If there’s any trouble with another user or you noticed spamming, please let one of the mods know.
3. No deleting or disabling comments please.
4. All posts and comments in English please.

Just send a message to the mod.


Interested in affiliating with us?
Just send a message to the mod.

Layout Information.
Scans are not made by the mod.
Layout made by kikai_no_yume

This is an yaoi community. It means it contains boyxboy love. If you don't like it, don't read.

Fanfictions posted on this communtiy are all fictional.
This community does not own Kai, Gazette, or any other artists that appear in the stories.
This community is in no way affilated with the band Gazette or it's members.
It's contents are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.